Environmentalism: What’s missing?

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Martian Poet

Environmentalism and sustainable development are the buzz phrases in the world today. While a small fraction of people continue to think that climate change is not real (apparently, humans aren’t supposed to be arrogant enough to think we can change the climate), the evidence has formed a mountain in support of climate change. Even if you deny climate change, you cannot deny that humans have caused major disruptions in the natural world in the last 50 years. If not world climate, we have definitely reduced global biodiversity, forest cover and air composition significantly. Entire ecosystems have been obliterated.

Hence, the rise of environmentalism; a movement calling for a change in our practices so as to preserve and protect the natural environment. Conventions have been held, laws have been passed, books have been written and research continues on how we can protect the natural world. While this is noble, and necessary…

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Nature is Beautiful….

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Travel Stories from India

Whenever I get time I make it a point to travel to places in and around Delhi NCR, where beauty of nature can be captured in its original form. There are many places in and around Delhi like Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary in Gurgaon, Okhla Bird Sanctuary in Delhi, Surajpur Bird Sanctuary in Greater Noida, Dadri Wetlands in Greater Noida etc. There are many Bio diversity parks also. I Will cover the details about these in separate posts. These sites attract plenty of  migratory birds. But if one observes carefully there are many minute creates which are as beautiful as other bigger birds and animals. I am sharing few of these clicks below. Hope you will enjoy the same.


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7 most powerful ways to regain time for writing in the midst of chaos

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Business in Rhyme


The more I write and search for inspiration for blog posts, the more I come across analogy of how certain natural laws that govern universe actually can be very well applied to our everyday life. If we fast rewind our memory to a high-school years we might recall the 2nd law of thermodynamics that basically  says: the universe tends to go from present order to bigger disorder. And does that apply to your everyday life? Well imagine: you can spend all day cleaning your messy room and within couple of working hours, you are practically at square one – like you didn’t tidied it up at all.

Sounds familiar?

We all live our lives chaotic to some degree. We cannot control every circumstance but we can put some effort and take charge to at least try make some order. And making that order can mean finding more time to write.


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Blogging: What Works for Me

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Quintessential Editor

blog clueless.jpgI was a little hesitant to write this post today.  I’m comfortable (somewhat) when I blog about writing and editing because I’ve been doing it for 13 years.  However, I’m not an experienced blogger by any means.  I’ve only been blogging for 51 days now.  With that being said, a recent blog post I made here has prompted enough views and inquiring comments that I thought I would share my limited experience.

When I wrote the blog linked above (11 days prior to this posting) I had almost reached 300 followers.  As of today, I have 409.  I think it was these numbers that prompted the curiosity.  So here are the things I have been doing.  Like I said, I don’t know if what I’m doing is good or bad – it’s just my process.

Stay true to your voice.  I write my blog as if it is correspondence…

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Blogging & Stone Skimming Similarities #Mondayblogs #BloggingGals

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Blogging & Stone Skimming Similarities

Have you ever stood at the water’s edge, picked up a nice flat stone and thrown it across the water in the hope that it might bounce a couple of times off the surface?

This is called stone skimming or rock-skipping.

In my head I am amazing at stone skimming but reality is quite different.

I believe there are similarities between blogging and stone skimming:

  1. Your stone is your blog post.
  2. You throw the stone out across the water. You fire out your blog post across the World Wide Web.
  3. With stone skimming some people take their time, aim and then throw their stone with such breath-taking precision. Whilst others just fling it into the air and hope for the best. Some bloggers spend hours crafting their posts and targeting them with such precision. Whilst other bloggers scribble down a few choice words, add a few random hashtags, press ‘publish’…

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