Top 10 Writing Posts of 2016

Top 10 Writing Posts of 2016Did we really just wave goodbye to 2016 and enter that nebulous hinterland in which we frequently embarrass ourselves by putting the wrong year on our checks? Yep, looks like.

2016 was something of a landmark year for me. On a personal level, my life has changed in many ways I wasn’t expecting, and I feel I leave it much richer for the lessons it’s taught me.

Some of my more specific highlights included:

And on a purely personal level, I enjoyed visiting Alaska on a cruise of the Inside Passage this August:

KM Weiland in Seattle

Leaving port from Seattle (see the Space Needle?).

If I’ve learned just one important lesson this year it’s that I need to slow down and smell the roses (or, you know, the book pages-whatever floats your boat), to rediscover life at a slightly slower pace. My goals for this year are more modest than usual: finish Dreambreaker‘s outline, start (and maybe finish) the first draft, release the Outlining Your Novel Workbook computer application(!), release the audio book version of Creating Character Arcs, and publish the Creating Character Arcs Workbook you all have been asking me for. And I’d also like to see if I can make camping in Wyoming and remodeling my basement happen. Fingers crossed.

My Top Writing Posts of 2016

But first, let’s take one last look back at the closing year with this list of my top writing posts of 2016-just in case you missed them the first time around!

1. How to Write the Perfect Plot (in 2 Easy Steps)

2. 8 Necessary Tips for How to Write Child Characters

3. How to Plot a Book: Start With the Antagonist

4. 5 Important Ways Storytelling Is Different in Books vs. Movies

5. The 4 Tweaks to Writing Truly Original Stories and Characters

6. A Surefire Way to Raise the Stakes in Your Story

7. Start Your Outline With These 4 Questions

8. One Major Pitfall of Writing Strong Characters

9. 5 Secrets of Complex Supporting Characters

10. Everything You Need to Know About Writing a 3rd-Person POV

My personal favorite post this year: 5 Reasons Writing Is Important to the World

My top new series this year:

Wordplayers, tell me your opinion! What was your biggest writing breakthrough in 2016? Tell me in the comments!

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