Environmentalism: What’s missing?

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Martian Poet

Environmentalism and sustainable development are the buzz phrases in the world today. While a small fraction of people continue to think that climate change is not real (apparently, humans aren’t supposed to be arrogant enough to think we can change the climate), the evidence has formed a mountain in support of climate change. Even if you deny climate change, you cannot deny that humans have caused major disruptions in the natural world in the last 50 years. If not world climate, we have definitely reduced global biodiversity, forest cover and air composition significantly. Entire ecosystems have been obliterated.

Hence, the rise of environmentalism; a movement calling for a change in our practices so as to preserve and protect the natural environment. Conventions have been held, laws have been passed, books have been written and research continues on how we can protect the natural world. While this is noble, and necessary…

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