Blogging & Stone Skimming Similarities #Mondayblogs #BloggingGals

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Blogging & Stone Skimming Similarities

Have you ever stood at the water’s edge, picked up a nice flat stone and thrown it across the water in the hope that it might bounce a couple of times off the surface?

This is called stone skimming or rock-skipping.

In my head I am amazing at stone skimming but reality is quite different.

I believe there are similarities between blogging and stone skimming:

  1. Your stone is your blog post.
  2. You throw the stone out across the water. You fire out your blog post across the World Wide Web.
  3. With stone skimming some people take their time, aim and then throw their stone with such breath-taking precision. Whilst others just fling it into the air and hope for the best. Some bloggers spend hours crafting their posts and targeting them with such precision. Whilst other bloggers scribble down a few choice words, add a few random hashtags, press ‘publish’…

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